Sumatra coffee

Sumatra coffee


Hoe Bee Sumatra Drip Coffee 苏门塔拉咖啡

  • $11.00

Enjoy our tau sar piah with mild, smooth coffee at your leisure!

Specially curated for you - Hoe Bee “OnTheMove” Drip Coffee (挂耳咖啡), you can enjoy a cup of fresh brew coffee no matter where you are…goes well with your vegan tau sar piah snack! 

The Sumatra Robusta beans are commonly found in espresso blends as they create a better crema (flavorful, aromatic, reddish-brown froth). These beans provide a higher concentration of caffeine along with a mild bitter taste and grainy overtones.

Contains 10 packets in the box.

Traditional roasted coffee beans

Store in cool dry place.

How to enjoy your drip coffee:

1. Tear along the dotted line to open up the opening

2. Gently pour hot water through (150 – 200ml)

3. Leave it for awhile (30 – 45 seconds). Discard filter bag and enjoy your coffee 

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